Forgetting Is Difficult; Remembering Is Worse​.​.​.

by A Patch Of Blue

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released January 21, 2017



all rights reserved
Track Name: Alpine Voice (ft. Kylle Reece of Demon In Me)
Hidden beneath the foliage,

once blinded eyes begin to see,

my vanquished aspirations, your false guarantees.

So picturesque as you leapt off the precipice,

your lust for scrutiny felt like daggers,

prodding every inch of my bruised skin.

These castle walls are crumbling,

the bastion's always been paper-thin.

The thought of the open world with countless unmarked roads

removes the stagnation from my weary mind,

as I leave my troubled thoughts behind.

Engaged to rain clouds and majestic mountains as I watch them go.

Raindrops embraced the condensation on the car window

or the roaring shadows and darkness of the subway metro.

My mind intoxicated with a fog of thought

and I'm still finding traces of you in Arizona parking lots.

No matter how far-fetched,

no matter how shallow come the breaths.

I searched for purpose and for your crocodile tears that have left me so bereft..

"Maybe the world would be a better place if I left..."
Track Name: Forgetting Is Difficult; Remembering Is Worse...
All knowledge is based on that which we cannot truly prove.

I cannot locate life's intrinsic value.

Fear and love are meaningless abstracts,
Artifacts dooming us with emotional ties
Through stereotypes we continue to enact.

When we wake where will I be?
I got nothing else to believe

I no longer care for the hypocrisy of this world,
Society will never lend its aid or attention.

I'm now aware of it all, there was never any cause for prevention.
A lifeline recedes, regrets are increased,
I'm haunted by my demons as my time is decreased.
Swallowing pills and nurturing doubt instead of counting sheep
Just so I can finally get some sleep.

When we wake where will I be?
I got nothing else to believe